• 30.04.2007
    On April 30th 2007, the Brave Heart Fund New York Committee held a cocktail event at the Lowell Hotel for over 300 people who have committed to helping the children of...> read more
  • 21.04.2007
    The Brave Heart Fund organized a picnic for children who have had heart surgeries covered by the Fund. The morning was spent playing in the courtyard entertained by funny...> read more
  • 19.03.2007
    A 20% margin of the total sales at the store, were dedicated to the children of Lebanon suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. The event attracted press coverage which...> read more
  • 1.02.2007
    The Brave Heart Fund launched its annual awareness campaign, featuring press ads, billboards and postcards, to further understanding of Congenital Heart Disease and encouraging...> read more
  • 26.11.2006
    Despite the tumultuous political events of the year, Brave Heart Fund was one of the leading charities at the Beirut International Marathon. Having recruited over a 1000...> read more